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carMy daughter recently texted me the words “Filled up my car for the last time. Cried.”

When she entered high school, her dad and I told her we’d match whatever amount she saved toward her first car. She served up Dippin’ Dots, snapped photos of crying babies at Sears and checked out groceries at Central Market until she had enough money–with our match–to buy this cute Civic. She’s kept it and loved it through two serious relationships and, while the guys let her down, the car never did. When she was in college, working as an ER scribe and working shifts that took her out on nights so cold, the doors froze shut, but the car still carried her through. Her high school boyfriend encouraged her to pimp it out and the car was broken into three different times–for the crazy good sound system–but it could still be put right. It ran and ran. Yes, at 140,000 miles, it uses a little oil now. But she loves it and hates that it’s time to sell.

She’s headed off to do her medical residency in an ER in Brooklyn. She doesn’t need a car there. The parking and insurance rates wouldn’t be worth it, since the D train runs close to her apartment But she mourns the independence of having her little car.

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Several weeks ago, my younger daughter graduated medical school. I know saying that gives an indication of my age, but I couldn’t care less. This medical school thing has been an interesting journey. We’ve watched her start out in college as an ER scribe, following the docs around and writing their notes as they saw… Continue Reading

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I used to have a treadmill. It was ancient and scruffy, but it worked to keep me from walking in the cold (Don’t judge. I know the cold in Texas isn’t considered COLD by most standards). When the treadmill died, I was presented with the option of going back out in the cold every morning… Continue Reading

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