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I need your input as I want to put the most alluring and attractive cover on the book.

Amazon 5 Star Review–“Risky Business uses some of my favorite romance spices – strong sexual
attraction, the supposedly oil and water mix of a wild character with a buttoned
down one, and, as their love grows, each strengthens the others weaknesses of
character. Also helping the book skip along is a nice sense of humor. By the end
I was in love with Katie myself.”


In this sexy, short contemporary Katie Flanagan is desperate to save her deceased grandfather’s photography studio, but Josh Morgan holds both the mortgage and a mean grudge. Josh once proposed to Katie’s older sister, offering to give the woman’s unborn baby a father, but when her sister ran off with Josh’s brother, it left a bad taste in his mouth.

Josh is working his way up the business ladder and he doesn’t need more disruption in his personal life. He just wants a sane life and he’s determined to wash his hands of the entire Flanagan fiasco. Katie has always been flighty and as unreliable as her sister. Still, when Katie crashes his dinner with the big boss, claiming to be his date, Josh reluctantly agrees to give her one last chance.

He’ll hold off on foreclosing on the studio if she continues playing his girlfriend long enough for him to get the promotion he’s worked hard for. Katie knows she can make this career work, even though she’s never really put herself into anything. She’s sure she wants this, but she’s not prepared to find herself wanting Josh, too….

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I’m letting my readers decide which is the best new cover for Risky Business! Pick your favorite! This is Version 1– This is Verson 2–   [yop_poll id=”1″] Continue Reading

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Valentine’s is a great moment to celebrate love. Yes, many people say this (and every other holiday) are over-commercialized, but maybe the marketing folk have jumped on the right train. Let’s face it, we like special moments. The best Valentine’s gifts are specific to your love–targeted just for what she or he likes. Buy your… Continue Reading

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For a chance at winning one of 14 e-book copies of my book Stolen Heart by emailing me about your best Valentine’s Day. Tell me how your heart was warmed and set aflame! Send these using the Contact Me page on this website and I’ll pick the 14 winners to celebrate February 14! Continue Reading

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BOOK REVIEW–It’s A Waverly Romance by Maria Murnane

As a contemporary romance author myself, I spend a little time each day checking out Twitter. While there, I ran across Maria Murnane and her Waverly Series. When I read the first page of this book, I connected immediately with Murnane’s smooth, fun writing style. There are four “Waverly” books–It’s A Waverly Life; Perfect On Paper;… Continue Reading

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Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays you either love or hate. I, of course, have always loved it. A holiday all about expressing love? What’s not to like? Some call it commercialized and some hate these kinds of expressions being “forced”, but few people don’t have their hearts go all melty when that special… Continue Reading

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Romantic Valentine’s Day? Ask Your Fave Romance Writer

Yes, some women love getting two dozen red roses sent to their work place. It just warms their hearts. On the other hand, some of us prefer diamonds…. Just saying. Romance is definitely a personal thing and what sets one heart aflame, leaves another totally cold. With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may be scrambling for… Continue Reading

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