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Summer is the time of hot weather and fewer clothes. The perfect time to get naked with the one you love and have some yummy hot, sultry summer sex! Take a look at this Cosmo article Cosmo suggests in Hint #1 that you Dress For The Weather and give you lover his own personal T-Shirt contest. Lose some layers and strut your stuff in a tissue-thin tee! Hint #2 says you should use the pheromones released in perspiration. Turn off the A/C so you two can sweat together and have some slippery sexy passion! Sex it up, baby. Hint #3 suggests you Work The Slow Burn, pointing out that movements naturally slow in hotter temperatures and who doesn’t like it slow? At least, at first.

With eight hints in all, this article helps you give a sexy slant to the hot summer months!

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Chocolate & Romance Winner!

And The Winner Is!!! Quinn Fforde’s entry. Just because I like her innuendo. Sometimes, it’s what we don’t say. Thanks to everyone who entered!! Winning entry: “My husband has chocolate talents that I cannot share in public. However, I can share that he brings me my favorite chocolate truffles from a particular shop when in… Continue Reading

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Only 4 more days to accept your stories of how chocolate and romance have joined together in your life! To celebrate National Chocolate Day this week–and what better to celebrate that two of the things we love most–I’m offering a golden bag of yummy Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares–Premium Assortment of Rich Chocolate and Luscious Filling. Tell me… Continue Reading

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Anyone who has been in a relationship a while, can wonder how to keep the love going. This week is the Fourth of July and seems like the right time to talk about Fireworks! The romantic kind, I mean. Life can be challenging, but having a loved one takes the edges off. Fun with your mate… Continue Reading

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