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REVIEW: Venus in Blue Jeans(Konigsburg Book 1) by Meg Benjamin

This is a fun, fast read about life in small town Texas. I discovered the book after reading a sample (which is what I do with all books before buying. It’s kind of like browsing in a bookstore). I very much like Ms. Benjamin’s style. She draws her characters with skill and makes them interesting, even if they are idiosyncratic. The book, while not precisely comical, has amusing characters–including a distressed Chihuahua named Senior Pepe–many of whom have been given their own books in this series.

Venus in Blue Jeans tells the story of Docia Kent, the daughter of a wealthy man, who has struck out on her own, but is having a hard time being accepted into the town of Konisburg. I enjoyed watching Docia fall in love with the impoverished new veterinarian in town. This book as a strong romantic suspense component and keeps the reader guessing, although the villain seems looks obvious at first. Interesting twists keep the story engaging to the end.

If recommending this book to a friend, I’d say the characters are fun and the writing tight.




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Valentine Gift Nightmares

Just been through Valentines Day and, let me tell you, it was dicey. My dear husband and I have always been gift-challenged. This is not from a lack of affection or because we don’t try. We do. We have expended so much energy on this (money, too, when there is spare money), but it comes down… Continue Reading

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REVIEW: Classic Romance Read~~One More Valentine by Anne Stuart

Love this book! Anne Stuart has written for so long and has had a number of greatest hits in a variety of sub-genres, but this has been one of my most loved. I only read paranormal when the characters are vivid and relatable–not usually the case for me for most paranormal romances. I’m weirdly picky, but Stuart’s… Continue Reading

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A Wild Woman Valentines Romance Giveaway!

I’m offering paperback copies of one of my most fun books. Let’s celebrate Valentines by shaking the dust off and enjoying the ride as my prim and proper heroine, Emily, decides being good hasn’t gotten her anything. A good girl takes a walk on the wild side…. Small town mayor’s daughter, 26 year-old Emily Loughlin… Continue Reading

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