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Blue Collar Boys

I’ve got a thing for blue collar, working dudes. This may seem odd, considering that my own dear husband is a therapist, as I am. A professional with a degree and everything, but he’s not the average white collar man. We fell for each other very young, when we were both just out of high school, and we first got to know one another while doing physical labor. During college, my beloved climbed high tension towers, drove a taxi cab and work the night shift at a posh hotel. We both worked. TSMOOCHED - 2500his was in the days before college loans were freely available and I’m grateful for that.

My sexy sweetie knows about fixing plumbing and building stuff with his hands. He and I just installed a in-the-wall ironing board for my mother-in-law, who still irons, bless her.

Working guys, who build muscles the honest way, don’t have to spend hours in a gym to look hot. It’s friggin’ sexy and I think blue collar guys deserve to be celebrated a little. In my new series–to be released in late October–I write about the Thompson family who harvest resellable items from old buildings. Yes, they do salvage work and they are all eye-catching, hard-working men. First out will be Smooched, the story of Case Thompson who inherited a young niece and finds himself falling for the last woman he expected.

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Just Not Average…

There’s no denying that I don’t fit in any specific box. Let’s just start off with the obvious–I am a 56 year old woman who gleefully drives a yellow sports car. To give you the full picture, I must point out that this isn’t a sunny yellow, fun Miata. Nothing against that car, but I drive… Continue Reading

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Romance Character Names

Dirk and Mason and Vaughn are all fine, but how many of them have you met in real life? And are you looking for real life in the romances you buy or do you like bigger-than-life characters? This is a debate I’ve often had with my critique partners–the romance fantasy versus romance reality issue. Some… Continue Reading

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