Contest!! I ‘heart’ Mr. Darcy Tote Bag!!

Although I write sexy contemporary romance, I enjoy reading lots of different romance genres. I find that research–a must in historicals–throws me out of the story and…I have to admit that I so often go off to places in my head, that staying in the here and now is probably best for me as a writer.

bagThat all being said, I love Pride and Prejudice. I’ve not only read Jane Austen’s classic, I enjoy re-watching the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle A&E six-hour Pride and Prejudice version as well as the more recent Keira Knightly/Matthew Macfadyen version. Both Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy are tremendous characters, but I completely relate to Mr. Darcy’s social awkwardness, so he tugs at my heart. To share this love of the hero, I’m running a contest with the winning prize being a canvas tote bag that reads “I ‘heart’ Mr. Darcy”.

Contests are fun for me because it gets my readers to interact! Love those emails.

To enter, all you have to do is shoot me an email at and tell me what you most love about the character. Bonus points for telling me which is your favorite of the two film versions I mentioned. Good Luck to all. I know I’ll have a difficult time choosing a winner and want to send you all a prize. (I did this recently for a contest I ran in my newsletter! Such fun.)

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REVIEW of a Classic: A Natural History of The Senses by Diane Ackerman

While this book was originally published in 1990, I revisit it occasionally because it’s beautifully written and chock full of fascination details about our sensory world. I am a better writer after reading Ackerman’s text and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in writing. Ackerman is a “poet, pilot, naturalist, journalist, essayist and explorer.”… Continue Reading

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I am Such A Sap…

I think I should announce that I am a sap. Feedback from readers just knocks me out. When checking these, I sometimes run across truly lovely, heart-felt feedback that gives my work the highest compliments…and I am so touched. Readers have no idea. Once when compiling feedback snippets to tweet, I sat weeping from the… Continue Reading

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One Weird Romance Writer

  I know I look normal, but this is deceiving. I am a 58 year old woman with a passion for a yellow race car (see above photo). I truly love it and I have to admit to occasionally breaking traffic laws in it, but I’m proud I only got my first speeding ticket in… Continue Reading

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Swaggered (Blue Collar Boys, Book 3) Is Available!!!

I loved writing this book because Tyler Thompson is so in love with his Amanda and he thinks he’s finally won her love, too. When she proposes marriage suddenly after a wonderful evening with their friends in Las Vegas before the wedding of Tyler’s brother, he jumps at the chance. It’s only after the vows… Continue Reading

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Scrumptious (Blue Collar Boys, Bk 2) Releases!

The second romance about a Thompson brother, Scrumptious is about really hot Noah and Natalie Trefalger, the audacious woman who bags him. Smooched, first in the Blue Collar Boys series about a family of guys who run an architectural salvage yard released just two weeks ago. I had a lot of fun writing about these men and their mates.… Continue Reading

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Smooched(Blue Collar Boys, Bk 1) Released!

While I enjoy money as much as the next person, I don’t know a lot of millionaires and none of them are sexy dudes(sorry millionaire friends). Truthfully, I like a man who knows what to do with his hands… I have a Ph.D. My beloved (and sexy) husband has a Ph.D. and one of my… Continue Reading

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Am I A Picky Romance Reader?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been called picky. I have always been a voracious reader. From my earliest memories I read whatever I could get my hands on, but I always loved romance the very best. I read really worn Barbara Cartland romances at my childhood library and scoured the shelves for anything… Continue Reading

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Wild Woman Giveaway!

When I first met my DH, he was a hottie who rode a motorcycle. Who wouldn’t want to date the guy sunning on his bike? I loved riding with him. I’m big into vehicular speed and he’s very physically-adept (very kinesthetic). It helps that he’s also highly alert and doesn’t ride stupid, which is a… Continue Reading

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