Healthy Romance? Oh, Yeah.

Hi, my name is Carol Rose and I believe in healthy romantic relationships. I write romances about functional, working relationships and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I have two careers and one is as a professional therapist who helps couples/singles with relationship issues. I’m also the author of over 25 romances and I see no conflict with these two roles. I consider myself very realistic about the struggle we humans have in connecting…and this in no way means we can’t have health romances. Admittedly, I’ve had lots of conversations with my critique group about how romance is fantasy and not real life.

This isn’t my view. I believe relationships can work and can benefit individuals immensely. The characters in my books make bad choices (as do we all) and they often come to regret these. They sometimes jump into both emotional and physical intimacies that don’t work out. As do we all. Yet, like we all can, they learn from their unhealthy choices and they find love.

True love. Love that benefits both. Love that lasts.

In my romances, both hero and heroine benefit one another. They both have stuff to learn (as do we all) and the characters help one another by presenting other valid world views. Oh, and they have a lot of fun doing it. (Must admit to being a sucker for a Beloved Husband who is both hot and makes me laugh). Characters share value systems, but often see things from opposite ends.

This often makes for conflict–also real in relationships. However, I believe in conflict resolution through partners coming to see the opposite side of whatever conflict they have. This is real life and healthy romance is possible. It can help us be better people.

My relationship with Beloved Husband has both infuriated me and helped me grow. It’s never boring at my house.

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Laughing in Love

My Beloved Husband kissed me goodbye as we both left for work (mind you we work on opposite sides of a small building) and whispered “I know what we can do tonight!” This was said with tender excitement and I quickly asked with a faster heart pace what he had in mind. The dude then held up… Continue Reading

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Book Review–Isla and The Happily-Ever-After by Stephanie Perkins

As a writer of romantic fiction, I’m always looking for something great to read. I’ve read a Stephanie Perkins’ book before and enjoyed both the quality of her writing and her characters. I purchased Isla and The Happily-Ever-After having read and enjoyed the sample. This story follows teenaged Isla into the boarding school world of… Continue Reading

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Getting My Ducks In A Row…Or At Least In The Same Pond

As this implies, I’m gathering everything, trying to close plot holes and make sure necessary scenes are in place.  You might have seen the statement on-line about not having one’s ducks in a row, but that they’re in the same pond? That’s me. I’m gathering those suckers one by one. This involves story boards, input… Continue Reading

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We All Need Fun!

Fun is what gives us energy and joy and brightens our days. We need infusions of happiness into our worlds and this can come in many ways. It is important to realize, though, that fun is as individual as our fingerprints or the irises of our eyes. Lots of people–my Ph.D. Doc daughter included–find this… Continue Reading

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New Language; Same Me–Writing Amish Romance

So, here I slog away writing my first series of Amish Christian Romances and I’m having fun doing it, despite the challenges of using words from a different language and writing stories in a different culture. It may seem that having written 25+ books of steamy contemporary romance, this Amish gig would be very foreign. It’s not.… Continue Reading

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Book Review: The Magic Of Christmas by Trisha Ashley

I write steamy contemporary romance and contemporary Amish romance, but I enjoy reading all kinds of things. Several years ago, I ran across Trisha Ashley’s Chocolate Wishes and enjoyed it, so looked forward to dipping into another of her works. The Magic of Christmas is charming in many ways. Ms. Ashley writes about cooking with… Continue Reading

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Trying Not To Bully

I’m trying not be a road bully. I drive a little yellow Honda S2000 roadster that can tear past most vehicles in a flash. It’s agile and incredibly fast and I love it almost as much as my beloved mate and my two daughters. My eldest daughter calls it–and the black S2000 that preceded it–my “spirit… Continue Reading

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My Trauma–Wearing The Wrong Skin

I totally get that most of you don’t get the way I feel about my car. I love it. I love driving it. It is agile and fast. Far more of both than am I. Than I’ve ever been. It’s also incredibly beautiful (to me anyway). Since the engine seized up (traumatically for my ER Doc… Continue Reading

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Review: Stacy Juba’s Fooling Around With Cinderella

I write romance; usually contemporary romance, but I’ve recently written an Amish romance. I found Stacy Juba’s Fooling Around With Cinderella through a Twitter link. I liked the fun sound of the book and it turned out to be just that. In the book, a Storybook Valley Novel, heroine Jaine Anderson just wants to be taken… Continue Reading

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