New Language; Same Me–Writing Amish Romance

So, here I slog away writing my first series of Amish Christian Romances and I’m having fun doing it, despite the challenges of using words from a different language and writing stories in a different culture. It may seem that having written 25+ books of steamy contemporary romance, this Amish gig would be very foreign. It’s not. Weird, huh?

I am a Christian and have always believed in a higher power, which makes me comfortable within the context of the Amish culture. I don’t trumpet my beliefs because I respect others’ beliefs.

Steamy romance isn’t that different from Amish Romance. It’s just a matter of when you close the bedroom door.

The biggest challenge for me in writing romance is getting the relationships right. I want readers to see the characters(as I do) and to end the book with a solid feeling that these two characters will both love and benefit one another. When I finish a good book or romance movie, I want to both have enjoyed the characters and to see how they benefit each other. Believe me, this can be challenging to write. I love it.

So hold on a little longer and I’ll offer up the Amish Vows Series. So far, I’ve finished writing Amish Renegade and am halfway through with Amish Princess. When I finish Book 3 in Amish Vows(yet to be named), I’m throwing them all out there.

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Book Review: The Magic Of Christmas by Trisha Ashley

I write steamy contemporary romance and contemporary Amish romance, but I enjoy reading all kinds of things. Several years ago, I ran across Trisha Ashley’s Chocolate Wishes and enjoyed it, so looked forward to dipping into another of her works. The Magic of Christmas is charming in many ways. Ms. Ashley writes about cooking with… Continue Reading

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Trying Not To Bully

I’m trying not be a road bully. I drive a little yellow Honda S2000 roadster that can tear past most vehicles in a flash. It’s agile and incredibly fast and I love it almost as much as my beloved mate and my two daughters. My eldest daughter calls it–and the black S2000 that preceded it–my “spirit… Continue Reading

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My Trauma–Wearing The Wrong Skin

I totally get that most of you don’t get the way I feel about my car. I love it. I love driving it. It is agile and fast. Far more of both than am I. Than I’ve ever been. It’s also incredibly beautiful (to me anyway). Since the engine seized up (traumatically for my ER Doc… Continue Reading

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Review: Stacy Juba’s Fooling Around With Cinderella

I write romance; usually contemporary romance, but I’ve recently written an Amish romance. I found Stacy Juba’s Fooling Around With Cinderella through a Twitter link. I liked the fun sound of the book and it turned out to be just that. In the book, a Storybook Valley Novel, heroine Jaine Anderson just wants to be taken… Continue Reading

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Big Reveal!!

ER Doc daughter gave me full permission to use her photo in connection to my writing persona. (Smallest, blonde child in above photo) She said she’s not the least embarrassed by the steamy books her mom sometimes writes. Well, that’s what I write most of the time.   Loved her answers to the intro profile… Continue Reading

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Why Christian Romance?

Up to this point, I’ve only written steamy contemporaries. Books with sex in them and using the occasional colorful language. That’s what’s called to me and that’s what I’ve stuck with(come rain or shine). This is not to say I’m not Christian and I don’t believe in God. It just means I don’t think He… Continue Reading

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Book Review: Novella–Ninja at First Sight by Penny Reid

I am a big fan of author Penny Reid and her smart heroines. I love her style and…I tend to be picky about that. She writes with intelligence and passion. I also write contemporary romance and it’s my favorite reading genre. When I found this romance by Penny, I was excited and knew I’d enjoy… Continue Reading

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They Keep Telling Me It’s Not My Fault…

I made a spectacular splash several weeks back when my DH and I were out together. We donated blood at a local blood bank, which we like to do every eight weeks or so. It’s a small way to make a difference. As usual, we enjoyed a couple of cookies afterwards and my beloved kept plying… Continue Reading

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Diversifying Like Mad

I’ve written 27 steamy contemporary romances and had a lot of fun doing so, but now I’ve opened my mind to other kinds of romances as well. I’m a sucker for romance in books or on screen and I’ve read many different romance genres. I’ve just never written anything but steamy contemporary, but am I branching out. I’m 3/4… Continue Reading

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