Why Christian Romance?

Up to this point, I’ve only written steamy contemporaries. Books with sex in them and using the occasional colorful language. AMISH RENEGADE - HIGH RESThat’s what’s called to me and that’s what I’ve stuck with(come rain or shine). This is not to say I’m not Christian and I don’t believe in God. It just means I don’t think He has a problem with us enjoying the sex He created us to have.

But the idea for an Amish romance came to me… What can I say? I was struck by Enoch and Kate’s story and it nagged at me to be written. No on-screen sex and no “forbidden” words. Nothing in it to offend readers of Christian romance…because that’s the structure of this story. That’s what it called for.

I am of the opinion that language is man-made and my research has educated me that “dirty” or forbidden terms came from when the Normans won a war with the Anglo-Saxons. Therefore Norman words–like the basis for the word “fornication” became an okay term–preachers still use it from the pulpit–but the Anglo-Saxon based words, like “fuck” became forbidden.

So, to me, language is language. Not bad or good unless used to harm another. I also never swear against God. I mean, He loves us, why would we damn Him?

So, I’ve written an Amish Christian Romance–Amish Renegade is in it’s final editing stages and will be released this fall.

And that’s what that is all about.

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Book Review: Novella–Ninja at First Sight by Penny Reid

I am a big fan of author Penny Reid and her smart heroines. I love her style and…I tend to be picky about that. She writes with intelligence and passion. I also write contemporary romance and it’s my favorite reading genre. When I found this romance by Penny, I was excited and knew I’d enjoy… Continue Reading

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They Keep Telling Me It’s Not My Fault…

I made a spectacular splash several weeks back when my DH and I were out together. We donated blood at a local blood bank, which we like to do every eight weeks or so. It’s a small way to make a difference. As usual, we enjoyed a couple of cookies afterwards and my beloved kept plying… Continue Reading

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Diversifying Like Mad

I’ve written 27 steamy contemporary romances and had a lot of fun doing so, but now I’ve opened my mind to other kinds of romances as well. I’m a sucker for romance in books or on screen and I’ve read many different romance genres. I’ve just never written anything but steamy contemporary, but am I branching out. I’m 3/4… Continue Reading

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Contest!! I ‘heart’ Mr. Darcy Tote Bag!!

Although I write sexy contemporary romance, I enjoy reading lots of different romance genres. I find that research–a must in historicals–throws me out of the story and…I have to admit that I so often go off to places in my head, that staying in the here and now is probably best for me as a… Continue Reading

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REVIEW of a Classic: A Natural History of The Senses by Diane Ackerman

While this book was originally published in 1990, I revisit it occasionally because it’s beautifully written and chock full of fascination details about our sensory world. I am a better writer after reading Ackerman’s text and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in writing. Ackerman is a “poet, pilot, naturalist, journalist, essayist and explorer.”… Continue Reading

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I am Such A Sap…

I think I should announce that I am a sap. Feedback from readers just knocks me out. When checking these, I sometimes run across truly lovely, heart-felt feedback that gives my work the highest compliments…and I am so touched. Readers have no idea. Once when compiling feedback snippets to tweet, I sat weeping from the… Continue Reading

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One Weird Romance Writer

  I know I look normal, but this is deceiving. I am a 58 year old woman with a passion for a yellow race car (see above photo). I truly love it and I have to admit to occasionally breaking traffic laws in it, but I’m proud I only got my first speeding ticket in… Continue Reading

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Swaggered (Blue Collar Boys, Book 3) Is Available!!!

I loved writing this book because Tyler Thompson is so in love with his Amanda and he thinks he’s finally won her love, too. When she proposes marriage suddenly after a wonderful evening with their friends in Las Vegas before the wedding of Tyler’s brother, he jumps at the chance. It’s only after the vows… Continue Reading

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Scrumptious (Blue Collar Boys, Bk 2) Releases!

The second romance about a Thompson brother, Scrumptious is about really hot Noah and Natalie Trefalger, the audacious woman who bags him. Smooched, first in the Blue Collar Boys series about a family of guys who run an architectural salvage yard released just two weeks ago. I had a lot of fun writing about these men and their mates.… Continue Reading

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