BOOK REVIEW–It’s A Waverly Romance by Maria Murnane

As a contemporary romance author myself, I spend a little time each day checking out Twitter. While there, I ran across Maria Murnane and her Waverly Series. When I read the first page of this book, I connected immediately with Murnane’s smooth, fun writing style. There are four “Waverly” books–It’s A Waverly Life; Perfect On Paper; Honey On Your Mind; Chocolate For Two. Each centers around the protagonist, Waverly Bryson, and tells of her adventures and misadventures in being a young “singleton”. The heroine has been referred to as another “Bridget Jones” and I can see the similarity. Waverly is sometimes awkward and impulsive, frequently getting into comical situations. She’s very identifiable because who hasn’t made a fool of themselves in the name of love?


I enjoyed Murnane’s style more than anything. She’s witty and charming and doesn’t take anything too seriously. The story in this Waverly novel follows her heroine after being jilted by the “perfect” mate, exploring how Waverly deals with this life event. In recommending this to friends, I would describe it as fun and lighthearted.

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