Book Review: The Magic Of Christmas by Trisha Ashley

ashleyI write steamy contemporary romance and contemporary Amish romance, but I enjoy reading all kinds of things. Several years ago, I ran across Trisha Ashley’s Chocolate Wishes and enjoyed it, so looked forward to dipping into another of her works.

The Magic of Christmas is charming in many ways. Ms. Ashley writes about cooking with real enjoyment. Unless she’s an amazing fake, she most likely enjoys actual cooking, as well. I like her writing style. Her world is very different from my own and yet I slip into it very easily.

I have to mention, however, that Ms. Ashley’s pacing is glacial. There are lots of lovely descriptions and tidbits of her character’s daily life, but the “important” aspects of her story were widely spaced. She’s good at hinting at relationship, though, even if she does take a long time to get to the romantic action of the story.

In recommending this romance, I’d say to pack your woolies for cold territory and snuggle in for a trip to a fun place.


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