Diversifying Like Mad

WILD WOMAN 3 - 2000

I’ve written 27 steamy contemporary romances and had a lot of fun doing so, but now I’ve opened my mind to other kinds of romances AMISH RENEGADE - HIGH RESas well. I’m a sucker for romance in books or on screen and I’ve read many different romance genres. I’ve just never written anything but steamy contemporary, but am I branching out. I’m 3/4 finished with an Amish Christian romance and I’ve found myself sucked into this story just my others. I love Enoch and Kate. (Although the research has been a little more intensive than I expected).

It is in the nature of writing that ideas ping off the writer like candy being thrown from a Mardi Gras float. Regardless of sleep, ideas come when they will. I may be rounding the finish with Amish Renegade, but I have already fastened on the glimmer of another idea. It has me in it’s grip. I’ve never written paranormal before and this isn’t a typical paranormal (I should be used to being atypical).

My next project is going to have a heroine who–in addition to falling for the hero–must deal with a nosy, intrusive, know-in-all Guardian Angel. I envision this as a light, fluffy story, but all my characters have issues and challenges. Plotting this should be fun, but then I usually have fun with each of my books. As I’ve said before, I make myself laugh, even when rereading (It’s embarrassing).

I haven’t put all the pieces together for the next plot–or finished writing the Amish book I’m in now! But I’m having fun and that’s what counts. Right?



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