Giveaway Winner of Beauty & The Beast Necklace!

I know now that many of you share my love of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. Not long ago, I ran across a necklace engraved with a quote from the movie where Belle talks(sings) about reading a romance. She mentions “…and here’s the part where she meets the Prince.” I bought the necklace instantly and recently offered it in a contest where readers of my newsletter told me what they loved best about the movie. Wow! I got such wonderful responses! Many liked the music(wonderful) and several mentioned the truly memorable minor characters, such as Jerry Orbach’s French-accented Candlestick. I myself loved the part where the fluffy feather-duster French maid, pursued by the flirty candlestick said she’d been burned by him before.

I’m not as much a nut for all things Disney as some, but I truly loved this movie. It was a well-written romance that addressed the issue that relationships can be very difficult and not at all what we think at first. The Beast was scary, but Belle saw the wonderful man inside.

Because I got so many wonderful responses, I ended up having to put their names in a drawing together, from which my beloved dear husband pulled the winner. Really, there were that many lovely responses. Thank you all! Sharon/Bonnie/Terri/Brooke/Tee/Debra/Lisa/Tonya/Marilyn and congratulations to my winner, Marcy Shuler!



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