HATING CHRISTMAS—A Contemporary Romance


I had a lot of fun writing this first in my Holiday Series because it shows the fun transformation of my heroine and hero, Holly and Levi. I got to put them in fun holiday situations and let them bicker—like picking out a Christmas tree and stringing lights up on an icy roof. There are some steamy scenes, as both Holly and Levi are adults who are very attracted to one another.

Hating Christmas tells of documentary filmmaker Holly who hates Christmas, but must spend it with her much-loved mother and mom’s new husband. Holly’s dad died at Christmas and since then, the holiday has always been a reminder of dark times.
After many years a widow, Holly’s mom remarried. She chose a man from her youth who she hadn’t seen for forty years. Holly’s not happy about her mother’s sudden decision and she isn’t thrilled about returning to the snowy north to celebrate a holiday that she now hates. To make matters worse, big time Hollywood agent Levi Harper is her new step-father’s son and Holly has just gone around Levi to get his client to sign a contract to do her new

Levi’s furious because his actor is up for a big budget film due to film at the same time as Holly’s piddly documentary. If only red-headed Holly weren’t so  frustrating–and so hot–he could have reasoned with her, but she’s sexy and  entangling. While both Levi and her hate Christmas and both think their parents  should break-up, they’re both drawn to one another. After coming to realize  their parents are perfect together, they fall in love, discovering that
Christmas can be both satisfying and magical.

Checkout Holly and Levi’s story in Hating Christmas and then follow their friends from
holiday romance to holiday romance.

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