I call him Lovey

This mate of mine makes me laugh and makes me crazy. Sometimes I get frustrated about tripping over his shoes on the bedroom floor and annoyed by his resistance to planning ahead. This planning thing makes me nuts. He’s really great at coming up with plans, but never on schedule or when I’d like to know what’s ahead. After butting heads too many times over this kind of thing, I’ve learned to wait. I wait until a great plan comes to him–I’m not sure exactly how this works or when this will develop. Waiting can be maddening. When he does lay out his idea of however whatever will work, Lovey’s really good, though. I tend not to see options the way he does. He has amazing mad skills at seeing a range of possibilities.

He says he likes the way I think and what’s not attractive about that?

When I’m annoyed with him, I call him by his full first name. No affectionate nicknames then. This our code. We signal when we’re upset or distressed with one another by the use of our first names. Most of the time, he calls me lovey, too.

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