I Do, Kinda–a delicious romance by Kathy Shaw


I admit I was in at the first of this charming fun romance by Kathy Shaw. I Do, Kinda tells the story of a heroine in an unlikely dilemma. Six months ago Annie Brown won a fifty million dollar lottery–and lost any kind of resemblance of normalcy in her life. Now, wanna-be husbands are invading her privacy, not to mention her peace of mind. Things have gotten so out of hand that she doesn’t feel safe anymore.

After Detective Ryan Armstrong comes to her rescue several times, it’s obvious to him Annie Brown needs help dealing with the army of over-zealous suitors trespassing into her everyday life. He comes up with a plan to take Annie off the “market” by placing the universal “Private Property” sign around her ring finger.

With the exception of giving back the money, Annie is willing to do almost anything to get her life back. Even saying, “I do–kinda” to the town’s new hunky cop, Ryan Armstrong. Their pretend marriage might be a sham, but the passion they find in each other’s arms is anything but play-acting.

Since Kathy is a member of my critique group, I got to be part of her crafting Annie’s story. One of the interesting things about this romance is that it takes a day dream situation and turns it on it’s head. Who hasn’t thought about all they’d do if they won the lottery? But being in that longed-for situation can be uncomfortable…and even scary.

Although when she first plotted the book, I expected to enjoy “I Do, Kinda” because it has all the ingredients for a fun read. The best thing about this book, however, has to be Kathy Shaw’s delivery. She has the most engaging, fun style of writing. It’s hard to read Kathy’s work and not laugh out loud. Although I enjoyed seeing Annie and Ryan work through their issues and find their bumpy way to love, I most loved Kathy’s voice.

In recommending this book to anyone who enjoys light-hearted romantic fiction, all I can say is hang on for the fun!

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