Laughing in Love

My Beloved Husband kissed me goodbye as we both left for work (mind you we work on opposite sides of a small building) and whispered “I know what we can do tonight!” This was said with tender excitement and I quickly asked with a faster heart pace what he had in mind.

The dude then held up his small exercise ball and gleefully promised to help me sit on it tonight to alleviate an exercise-related knot in my tush. So romantic. He was so silly in the way he said this, with genuine excitement, that I had to laugh. Along with his other sterling traits, he makes me laugh a lot.

I should probably admit that for the last three days I’ve been walking with a limp and feel like such a goofball. Yes, I have this sore spot and yes–since he works out with a sadistic trainer–I know he sometimes has to work out sore spots himself. But this is what we’ve come to.

I know this isn’t a big deal to everyone, but love always comes with laughter for me. It’s important to share values and to have balancing personalities, but laughter greases even the tightest moments and relationships always have tight moments. In writing of couples falling in love, for me their stories always involve funny, goofy, up-ending moments of laughter. I think this kind of moment brings identifiability to even the most together individual. Who doesn’t feel drawn to laughing with someone?

This is why I have a millionaire hunk juggling balls made of river mud in the book Always, another hero gluing his pants to the floor when varnishing it and a heroine who takes a turn in the dunking booth at a carnival. In one of my most powerful books, Stolen Heart, the heroine teases the hero by surreptitiously moving around objects on his carefully arranged desk. In this latest book I’m writing–Amish Princess–the hero pushes the heroine to the ground in a game of volley ball, all to save her from taking the ball in the face. Out of love, of course.

Because laughter in love is sometimes the best.

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