We humans are amazing. Not just the famous, but everyday people. As most have been, I’m concerned about the people in Oklahoma, who’ve lives have been blown away by angry storms. Before them, individuals watching the end of the 2013 Boston Marathon had their lives forever changed by the hostile acts of others. The people in West, Texas also faced tragedy and these huge moments can be tracked back through millenniums. 

In every recorded incident, faceless, nameless individuals stepped forward–usually rushed forward–to aid the victims. In hurricanes and earthquakes, we see unrelated strangers digging through rubble to pull lives free.

Even though we may not feel noble, I believe every life has noble moments. There are these big, massive moments that hit the news and linger in the memories of millions, but there are also small moments. In these mostly brief, unheralded fractions of time, one life touches another in a way that can only be described as a blessing.

We humans can be harmful, hateful and destructive, be we can also be wonderful.

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