Review: Stacy Juba’s Fooling Around With Cinderella

I write romance; usually contemporary romance, but I’ve recently written an Amish romance. I found Stacy Juba’s Fooling Around With Cinderella through a Twitter link. I liked the fun sound of the book and it turned out to be just that. In the book, a Storybook Valley Novel, heroine Jaine Anderson just wants to be taken seriously–and to be employed–as a marketing professional. In her attempt to achieve this, however, she’s hired as part-time Cinderella in a theme park. What the heck, she’s also getting a part-time marketing gig at a theme park she visited as a kid.

Jaine’s not accustomed to seeing herself in the Cinderella mold and she struggles adjusting to that view of herself. As the story progresses, she meets and falls into like with Dylan. He’s trying to be taken seriously by his family as a guy who can run the family business, which just happens to be a theme park.

I liked Juba’s accessible, fun writing style and I could identify with her heroine’s struggle to fill the role of a “perfect” and beautiful character. She includes lots of fun details from the inside of theme park character parts and I liked the romance between Jaine and Dylan. Since I have a daughter who once played the character of Tweety Bird at a theme park as a teen, I could truly see Jaine’s experience.

Definitely take this story for a test ride.


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