Swaggered (Blue Collar Boys, Book 3) Is Available!!!

SWAGGERED - 2500I loved writing this book because Tyler Thompson is so in love with his Amanda and he thinks he’s finally won her love, too. When she proposes marriage suddenly after a wonderful evening with their friends in Las Vegas before the wedding of Tyler’s brother, he jumps at the chance. It’s only after the vows are exchanged–and they spend a hot, hungry night together that Tyler realizes Amanda had drank far more than he realized and was drunk when they married. A blond hottie who works with his brothers doing architectural salvage, Tyler is fun-loving and outrageous. He’s also been a dating dog with a shady past.

For this reason, more level-headed Amanda has steered clear of this particular Thompson brother. She manages the business side of their company and she’s had to work hard at resisting sexy Tyler. But everything changes after their fateful Las Vegas wedding–and the erotic night that follows. Although Amanda ignores her heart and plans to fix her marital mistake by getting an annulment, it’s put on hold when she discovers she’s pregnant with Tyler’s child.

I hope you enjoy reading this third in the Blue Collar Boys series as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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