We All Need Fun!

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Fun is what gives us energy and joy and brightens our days. We need infusions of happiness into our worlds and this can come in many ways. It is important to realize, though, that fun is as individual as our fingerprints or the irises of our eyes.

Lots of people–my Ph.D. Doc daughter included–find this in gardening, growing vegetables or flowers or both. Some don wing suits and jump off mountains. Neither of these are my preferred activities, but I can respect that they might be yours.

My beloved husband loves sports. Playing them, watching them–he’s a game guy. Whether it’s board games or physical activities of the gaming sort, he’s a big proponent. When the foster kids he sees in therapy wanted to download some games on his iPhone, he allowed it. They played the games while talking to him and he kind of got into the games. He’s never been into video games, but these were a version of Play Therapy for the kids–and the games snagged him.

My particular kind of fun can seem strange. I mean, other than Beloved Husband. He’s a ton of fun himself. (Just the other day when we were getting into my car, I reached over to unlock the door(the top was down). He had the keys in his hand and, seeing me do this, it occurred to him that locking the door I’d just unlocked would be funny.)

I love driving this little yellow race car. I have fun in it every. single. day. And once a week–purely because a young Honda mechanic earnestly told me the car needed this–I rev it to a really high(don’t ask me) speed to “clear out the engine.” I have to choose carefully where I do this because I don’t want to kill anyone or get a speeding ticket.(insert cheesy grin). When the mechanic told me this, I laughed evilly.

I also love rain (light rain just goes right over the car when the top is down) and doing my nails in fun ways and cats. I love cats. I also like dogs, having grown up with a German Shepherd that liked me although he tried to bite most people.

I have two new black cat friends, Valentine gifts from Beloved Husband. I was going to name them Nick and Nora, but they are not elegant. Really. So after many suggestions, we’ve decided to call the girl kitty, Lulu(often a lunatic) and the boy kitty Bo(short for Bonus ’cause I was only supposed to get one, but Bo kept playing with Beloved Husband and thus got a home).

When chasing a kitty toy, they both do amazing jumps. I haven’t managed to catch photos of these, but I’m still trying. They also love to be petted and Bo keeps trying to walk on my computer keyboard. I tell him to do his own work and leave mine alone.

Whether you love snow skiing, quiet walks, ferrets or gin rummy, give yourself frequent infusions of fun. It makes life so much better.


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