Why Christian Romance?

Up to this point, I’ve only written steamy contemporaries. Books with sex in them and using the occasional colorful language. AMISH RENEGADE - HIGH RESThat’s what’s called to me and that’s what I’ve stuck with(come rain or shine). This is not to say I’m not Christian and I don’t believe in God. It just means I don’t think He has a problem with us enjoying the sex He created us to have.

But the idea for an Amish romance came to me… What can I say? I was struck by Enoch and Kate’s story and it nagged at me to be written. No on-screen sex and no “forbidden” words. Nothing in it to offend readers of Christian romance…because that’s the structure of this story. That’s what it called for.

I am of the opinion that language is man-made and my research has educated me that “dirty” or forbidden terms came from when the Normans won a war with the Anglo-Saxons. Therefore Norman words–like the basis for the word “fornication” became an okay term–preachers still use it from the pulpit–but the Anglo-Saxon based words, like “fuck” became forbidden.

So, to me, language is language. Not bad or good unless used to harm another. I also never swear against God. I mean, He loves us, why would we damn Him?

So, I’ve written an Amish Christian Romance–Amish Renegade is in it’s final editing stages and will be released this fall.

And that’s what that is all about.

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