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Book Review: Chocolate Wishes by Trisha Ashley

I stumbled across Chocolate Wishes by Trisha Ashley through the recommendation from another Twitter user. I like to ask people I’m following what they liked best of their reading in the last year. I’m going to admit that I don’t remember who recommended Ashley’s book, but after reading the sample I’d downloaded, I was sold. The title itself is sweet and attractive. I like the way it refers directly back to the heroine’s business—she actually makes chocolate confections and stuffs them with wishes.

I bought this book after reading and enjoying Ms. Ashley’s writing style. Unlike many books these days, it doesn’t start with a bang, but with a gentle, seductive induction into Chloe Lyon’s life. The heroine lives in a family filled with unusual, lifelike characters. Her grandfather practices and writes books about witchcraft, but not the dark kind. Even though he’s an unusual guy, he’s a grandfather you feel you’ve probably known. Ashley intersperses her story with gawky teens and a rock star turned minister. None of this should work, but it does.

Ashley has a very readable style and clearly writes her characters with affection. If I were going to recommend this book to a friend, I’d say Trisha Ashley’s Chocolate Wishes is a fun read that brings readers into a world with challenges that are both relatable and satisfyingly resolved.

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Have you noticed that you generally like a perfect, gorgeous person even more when they accidentally do something stupid? It’s part of human nature that we warm to imperfect characters. We identify more with them and who hasn’t done something really stupid just this week? (Oh, sorry. That was me.) I forget what I’m supposed… Continue Reading

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We all want to believe in love-true-love. The kind that transforms your life and makes things better in the darkest hours. Not only do I believe in love, I get a great kick out of writing about it. I read romance; watch movies and television shows that have a romance and love to write the ones… Continue Reading

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