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Read All About It

Reporter Lindsey Graham’s boss, Jack Casale, insists she write a story about her plan to find the ideal mate using a head hunting approach to vet her dates. Lindsey must find three candidates using her method and date them, but she doesn’t plan on Jack showing up to each of these meetings to make sure she’s okay.

All this would be easier if she didn’t have the hots for risk-seeker, Jack, who she knows is all wrong for her, but she can’t stop lusting after. Jack’s pleased when she dismisses dates #1 and #2. He can’t forget the “accidental” kiss he and Lindsay shared at their office Christmas party, but Lindsey knows she doesn’t want a lover with Jack’s gung-ho motto. He was a war correspondent in all the world’s hot spots and she doesn’t need his kind of danger.

Everything gets way more complicated when Jack agrees to let her write the expose safety-loving Lindsay longs to write. Jack insists the way to get the goods on the charlatan. This marriage-enrichment seminar guru makes promises he can’t fulfill and Jack’s answer is for Jack and Lindsey to go undercover as a couple needing help. But that means Lindsay getting way to close to Jack and she’s afraid she’ll lose her mind, along with her panties.