Wild Woman

A good girl takes a walk on the wild side…. Small town mayor’s daughter, 26 year-old Emily Loughlin is tired of always pleasing everyone but herself. She packs her bags and heads for the big city of Dallas, determined to embrace life and run wild. She’s surprised, though, when she finds romance with an infuriating, gorgeous hunk who‘s determined to save her from herself. When his childhood best friend asks Jake Wolf to rescue Emily from herself, he doesn’t hesitate. Jake’s was a hell-raising bad boy, but he’s grown up and now owns a successful motorcycle store. Trying to shepherd Emily through her rough patch, Jake comes face-to-face with his own adolescence and, in the process, he’s tempted by the gorgeous, hazel-eyed Emily. He knows he’s supposed to send her home where she belongs, but Jake can’t help feeling like Emily really belongs right by his side. How’s a guy supposed to stay on the straight-and-narrow when a beautiful woman is determined to find herself and, in the process, is driving him crazy?