No Bunny But You

Best friends since she broke up with him in high school, Molly offered to help Drake with the information for his paid Home Improvement Blog. Although he’s hot and hunky as well as being great with words, he’s never worked with his hands. Only now it’s been two years and Molly’s realized she’s been helping Drake–who she’s secretly in love with–be a cheat and a phony.

She tells him she won’t help any longer. He has to learn this stuff himself. She even blackmails him, threatening to tell his boss the truth, although she doesn’t really plan to do this. Molly has a big challenge herself, in addition to loving a guy who sees her as a friend. She’s an event planner and she’s just been handed the Austin Women’s League Annual Easter Picnic to plan. This is the biggest event of her professional life, but she runs into a snag when the costume character bunny she hired shows up drunk. She needs help and in her panic she calls Drake to fill in. He hasn’t had any experience with children, but he agrees to play the Easter Bunny just once.

As he fumbles his way with her teaching him home improvement projects, Drake and Molly come to realize that not only are they hot for one another and have incredible sex, but they’re in love, too. Drake tells her when he willingly becomes her Easter Bunny that there’s no bunny but her for him.