The Favored One

She needs a place to live! When a string of bad luck sends Asian medical student, Ivy to a bar, she meets Jax. Even though they share a troubled history–her father left her mother for HIS mother–they end up drinking and flirting…and eventually this leads to a sudden, drunken marriage neither can totally explain. She can only blame it on the alcohol and on Jax being really hot. The sex is phenomenal. She knows his beloved grandfather is dying (in the hospital where she’s training) and he doesn’t want to upset his grieving grandmother. Since her roommate kicked her out, she finally accepts that they should stay in this mistaken marriage for a brief period, before getting a divorce. Ivy moves into Jax home–into her own bedroom–and falls slowly in love with the last man she should have married. She knows she betrayed her own mom by marrying him and his witchy mother continues to be a pain, but Ivy and Jax learn to put all that aside and trust the love growing between them.