Risky Business

Katie Flanagan is desperate to save her deceased grandfather’s photography studio, but Josh Morgan holds both the mortgage and a mean grudge.

Josh once proposed to Katie’s older sister, offering to give the woman’s unborn baby a father, but when her sister ran off with Josh’s brother, it left a bad taste in his mouth. Josh is working his way up the business ladder and he doesn’t need more disruption in his personal life. He just wants a sane life and he’s determined to wash his hands of the entire Flanagan fiasco. Katie has always been flighty and as unreliable as her sister.

Still, when Katie crashes his dinner with the big boss, claiming to be his date, Josh reluctantly agrees to give her one last chance. He’ll hold off on foreclosing on the studio if she continues playing his girlfriend long enough for him to get the promotion he’s worked hard for. Katie knows she can make this career work, even though she’s never really put herself into anything. She’s sure she wants this, but she’s not prepared to find herself wanting Josh, too…