Race The Darkness

In this hot, sexy book, Kinkade Holbert races motorcycles like dying doesn’t scare him. A successful attorney and the son of a senator, he’s running from a past he can’t forget and the conviction that he caused his younger brother’s death. While he’s sexy as hell, Brooke McClendon has had enough trouble.

Giving into her dying father’s pleas, she helped him end his pain and went to jail for it. She’s trying to get her life back together, but Kade’s trying to get her attention and he scares her. Kade’s not a risk junkie; he just doesn’t seem to care whether he lives or dies. Kade struggles with believing he must take his dead brother’s place and follow in his father’s political path.

Crashing into his plans for atonement, the surprisingly less-conflicted Brooke makes him really hot at the same time she annoys Kade with her concern over his racing/sky-diving risk-taking. Brooke has her own conflicted past and now, she’s trying to put her life back together when Kade and his struggle crash into her awareness. Racing motorcycles helps Kade forget and it doesn’t seem that big a deal if he were to end up dead. In many ways, he feels his brother should have been the one to survive.

Brooke wants him to guard his life, but then she doesn’t know who he really is. When push comes to shove, Kade’s future political life comes calling and he’s thrown into crisis. He’s not living his own life and he knows Brooke won’t love him when she finds out the truth.