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I have to admit that I wrote a number of books before I got into the series thing. Even after releasing Hating Christmas(Holiday Romance Series, Book 1), which is themed on different friends finding love on various holidays, I’ve still struggled with understanding the attraction to linked books. I subsequently written and released No Bunny But You(Holiday Romance Series, Book 2) and Thankfully Yours (Holiday Romance Series, Book 3) . Still, I felt I wasn’t clear on the whole picture. I get why authors love to have readers buy all the book in a series, I just wasn’t complete sure why readers are so enamored of these. I’m  really slow sometimes. Then my daughter explained–“Mom, I just like seeing those people again. I like knowing how their lives are going.” Ohhhh. Now, I get it.

I know all about falling in love with a heroine and hero from the reader standpoint. This is why I read my favorites over and over. I just haven’t thought about the urge to see them again. I get it now. Readers–like most human beings–don’t want to say goodbye. We want to know our favorite characters like friends and friends stay in touch as we move through life.

I’ve really enjoyed Penny Reid’s Neanderthal series, buying all the books. I realize, too, that not only do I like seeing past heroes and heroines lives–when reading the books, I get curious about their friends and relatives. Call me a snoop, but I kinda want to know how those people’s lives workout. They can seem funny, intriguing or tragic and, as supporting characters in the first books, their stories aren’t fully told.

So, now I’m writing a series with a full consciousness of what I, as a reader, want. It took me a little while to get there, but I think I’ve gotten the picture.

Coming up–BLUE COLLAR BOYS. The story of three hot brothers who do architectural salvage and who find they need a little salvaging themselves. 

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Alpha, Beta, Gamma Heroes—What’s Your Sweet Spot?

Alpha, Beta, Gamma Heroes—What’s Your Sweet Spot? Most readers of romance have heard about the alpha hero—the take-charge billionaire who always wins in the boardroom, the tough werewolf willing to kill for his pack’s honor. There’s also the beta hero: the kind, sensitive, maybe even inexperienced, guy. In the world of romance, alphas seem to… Continue Reading

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It started with words. Short words. Long, intricate words with lovely sounds, like gonorrhea and it’s neighbor, diarrhea. Words are nothing, however, if not grouped into charming sentences. Sentences make up stories and stories whiled away my childhood hours. Not so much “whiling” of hours today, but I still don’t pass a day without reading… Continue Reading

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How many blue collar heroes do you know? Husband, father, brothers? There’s nothing wrong with a millionaire dude. In fantasy, we love them and all the interesting possibilities they present. Mostly, we love the idea of a relationship filled with fabulous vacations, beautiful houses, lots of shopping…and no arguing over how to pay the credit… Continue Reading

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