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Like the rest of you, I’ve been watching the “Millionaire/Billionaire” trend in romances. I’m not one to bash others for hitting a resonant chord with readers and I can understand the attraction of not worrying about money. I always like have a little extra cash after paying the bills, just to splurge. But this particular super-rich fantasy hasn’t settled in my writer’s brain. Actually, just the opposite. Ever since I was seized with the idea for my new series—formerly entitled Blue Collar Boys—I’ve fallen deeply in love with heroes who work. Not that stockbrokers, bankers and plastic surgeons don’t work, but I’m drawn to the stories of the guys and girls who get dirty sometimes.

My beloved husband has a high degree and makes his money with it, but he’s good with a wrench, too. We first bonded while doing physical work together when we were both in high school. I think men who know how to do physical work are sexy.

My particular fixation right now is with a bunch of fictional dudes who do architectural salvage. They “harvest” the usable items from old buildings. Having always been drawn to the things of past eras, I love the idea of saving these items and putting them to current use.

I have, however, been advised against using the words blue collar in my series title. Apparently this term isn’t associated with being sexy. I hesitate to use the words working guys because it could convey a different kind of work, if you get what I mean. So, now I’m thrashing around, trying to find the right combination of words to give the image of the men in my stories.

If you have any great ideas for this series idea, let me know!

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  With the premier of Outlander, Scottish Highlanders in kilts are all the rage right now. But for just a moment, I’d like to turn your attention to cowboys in Wranglers. Having spent most of my life living in the northwest, training barrel racing horses and competing in rodeos, setting my first romance novel in… Continue Reading

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In the last year I’ve begun tweeting–on Twitter–and my Twitter bio says I “enjoy writing about everyday real, non-vampire, non-werewolf people falling in love and learning to make relationships work.” I didn’t have room on Twitter to add the last line of “…Call me crazy, but I think we all have a better chance at this.” My emphasis on in-this-world… Continue Reading

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