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I may be preaching to the choir  here, but readers, we need your opinions! Whether or not these are always glowing, we writers want to hear from you. In days long ago, the only way for a reader to contact an author was to write to the publishing house and hope their letter was eventually forwarded. It was a hit and miss thing.

Now, however, readers can go on-line and directly leave feedback. This helps other buyers and can sometimes give the writer a heads-up. Readers can urge for seeing another character’s story or can point out concerns regarding proofreading (I’ve benefited from this one.) The reader gets to express support for certain kinds of stories or just give the writer a pat on the back. This is very appreciated, let me tell you.

Readers may not know this, but some advertising sites require a certain number of reader feedbacks to have been left for the writer to be able to purchase advertising! Reader feedback is vital. Writers need to know if their books are connecting with the audience or not. Sales alone doesn’t tell this.

The internet has given readers and writers the possibility for dialogue. Whether this be through writers’ webpages, through Twitter or through posted feedback, we writers need and want to hear from you reader folk. So, hit us up!

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I love relationships. More than writing about bombs and terrorist attacks and murder and mayhem, I love reading and writing stories of people connecting with mates. Truth be told, I really love working with couples in my other job as a therapist. When I was slogging toward publication years ago, a friend witnessed my anguish… Continue Reading

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When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? When I was very young. I started with poetry (had one in the newspaper when I was in 3rd grade) then stories, then novels when I was a teen. I finished one when I was 17. The first of many books to follow. J… Continue Reading

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I’d love to hear from readers as to what makes the romances in the books they read seem convincing and satisfying? This topic has been often debated among writers of my acquaintance. For a long time, (remember, I’m not 20), readers loved to read about powerful heroes who demonstrated their love by looking stoic and… Continue Reading

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