New Language; Same Me–Writing Amish Romance

So, here I slog away writing my first series of Amish Christian Romances and I’m having fun doing it, despite the challenges of using words from a different language and writing stories in a different culture. It may seem that having written 25+ books of steamy contemporary romance, this Amish gig would be very foreign. It’s not. Weird, huh?

I am a Christian and have always believed in a higher power, which makes me comfortable within the context of the Amish culture. I don’t trumpet my beliefs because I respect others’ beliefs.

Steamy romance isn’t that different from Amish Romance. It’s just a matter of when you close the bedroom door.

The biggest challenge for me in writing romance is getting the relationships right. I want readers to see the characters(as I do) and to end the book with a solid feeling that these two characters will both love and benefit one another. When I finish a good book or romance movie, I want to both have enjoyed the characters and to see how they benefit each other. Believe me, this can be challenging to write. I love it.

So hold on a little longer and I’ll offer up the Amish Vows Series. So far, I’ve finished writing Amish Renegade and am halfway through with Amish Princess. When I finish Book 3 in Amish Vows(yet to be named), I’m throwing them all out there.

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