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I know I look normal, but this is deceiving. I am a 58 year old woman with a passion for a yellow race car (see above photo). I truly love it and I have to admit to occasionally breaking traffic laws in it, but I’m proud I only got my first speeding ticket in it last month. I was clocked going 53 mph in a 40 mph area, which I told the cop was ironic since the car can go over 120 mph(to my own personal knowledge). He and I then got into a friendly discussion of the fast car rides we’ve taken.

This isn’t the first Honda S2000 I’ve owned. I had a black ’05 on which I put almost 100,000 miles. I cried when I learned that Honda is no longer selling these cars in the U.S.(although they still make them in Japan, the bastards).

This brings up another way in which I’m unusual. I swear and I don’t feel bad about it. I don’t believe in “bad” words, just in bad human behavior. Like calling one another ugly names. I don’t do that. I have a unique philosophy on language. The only reason some words are considered bad, while others are good is that hundreds of years ago, the Normans(French) conquered the Anglo Saxons(English). Therefore, all words of Anglo Saxon origin–fuck, shit, et cetera–are the bad words while words having a Norman origin–like fornicate–can be heard from the pulpit. My husband and I raised our daughters to be kind (and they still are, to my very great satisfaction), and not to use ugly, hurtful accusations, but we didn’t tell them they couldn’t use various words.

I remember pointing out as they got older that they’d get consequences if they used certain words in certain settings. I’m sure I made it clear I thought this was silly.

I know I’m an anomaly and I try to be okay with this. I’ve been married for (got to get my calculator ap out for this) 37 years. I married at 19 and I’m still married to the same dude. I also still love him, but almost more important, I still like him. He makes me laugh, amongst other things.

I’ve written 26 steamy, sexy contemporary romances and I am now in the midst of writing my first Amish romance. This may seem contradictory, since Amish romances are categorized as Christian romance and don’t include explicit sex scenes. They don’t even typically act like sex exists, so this should be interesting. I like sex. I think it’s wonderful fun, particularly in the context of a loving, committed relationship.

I have no conflict writing the God-stuff, though, because I believe. I’m a long, far distance (note all the steamy romance I’ve written) from typical conservative Christians, but writing about prayer and belief? No problem. My Amish book may flop in that market. I have no certainty of anything, but it’s calling to me and I’m tired of trying to fit into everyone else’s expectations. So, what the hell? I’m trying out my wings.

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