REVIEW: Finally His Bride(Montana Born Brides, Bk 4) by Maisey Yates

I write steamy contemporary romance and I love reading it. I found out about Maisey Yates when a friend suggested I read her work, since she’s successful in my genre. Since the sample of the book made it clear Ms. Yates writes very well, I was anticipating reading it. This story is a sexy, intense recounting of the developing romance between two people who known each other a long time. While the heroine, Melanie, had been pining for Luke quite a long time, he’s only recently allowed himself to see her as an attractive woman. The story opens in the midst of a troubled time for Luke–he’s just found out that his former best Finallyfriend, who he’s convinced stole from him, has impregnated his beloved sister.

Luke is a complicated man who has built a successful business despite the turmoil of being dyslexic with clueless, unsupportive parents. He’d faced difficulties before, but the one Melanie represents is new.

As I said, Ms. Yates is a very good writer. Her characters are complex and attractive with believable back stories. As the book progresses, they engage in an involving, sexy relationship development. I think I liked the two main characters best. Luke and Melanie are engaging. Since I am a very picky reader (as attested to by my critique partners), it says a lot when I finish a book. As a therapist, I need an authenticity of character development and I’m highly aware

f how health relationships are. Melanie and Luke meet my criterion. It’s a good romance. (My one caveat in all this is that the amount of sex is a tad gratuitous. And I write sexy stories myself. Good sex just seems like a natural part of a good relationship. However, my quibble with Ms. Yates’ story is small. We do, after all, live in a post 50 Shades of Grey world.)

If I were going to recommend Finally His Bride to a romance-reading friend, I’d say this is a very satisfying read.



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