Smooched(Blue Collar Boys, Bk 1) Released!

While I enjoy money as much as the next person, I don’t know a lot of millionaires and none of them are sexy dudes(sorry millionaire friends). Truthfully, I like a man who knows what to do with his hands…

I have a Ph.D. My beloved (and sexy) husband has a Ph.D. and one of my daughters just got hers. (The other daughter is a renegade, becoming an ER physician.) But we are a family that knows how to work with oRoger on Cycleur hands. I met my husband when we were both teens and we bonded while doing lots of physical labor. Although an amazing therapist, my beloved husband can fix a toilet…and jump a car battery and install a built-in ironing board(not for me. I only iron under duress).  I have a lot of respect for and appreciation of hot working men.

This was the ground in which my new series, Blue Collar Boys, was born. I love historical homes and lived in a 1920s era house for many years. My heroes of this series, the Thompson brothers, own an architectural salvage business. They go into historical homes that are being torn down or are falling down and take artifacts that can be sold for use in new buildings.

Against that background, I crafted Smooched (Blue Collar Boys, Bk 1) about Case Thompson. When Case’s oldest brother and his wife die in a car accident, Case is stunned to learn that they had chosen him as the guardian for their 8 year old daughter Kaylie. Never much of a family guy, Case soon finds himself packing school lunches and helping with homework. In addition to Kaylie, his brother left him in charge of Scruffy Boys Architectural Salvage, the family business. Just as Case is getting the hang of dealing with accounts during the day and PTA meetings at night, Merritt Morgan, his deceased sister-in-law’s twin rolls into town determined to take an active role in Kaylie’s life.

Dr. Merritt Morgan regrets the gulf she allowed to grow between her and her twin sister Annie after their mother’s death. While she can’t fix past mistakes, she’s determined to change things with Kaylie. But first she needs to overcome Case’s skepticism that she deserves a place in Kaylie’s life. Easier said than done when it comes to Case Thompson who is both stubborn and steaming hot and makes her feel things that no other man has ever made her feel.

Against her father’s wishes, she takes a leave of absence from her medical residency to grow closer to her twin’s daughter. But she’s unprepared for the way the handsome Case makes her feel and the memories of her sister. Can they overcome the past? Will Case learn to trust Merritt with his dead brother’s child?

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