Several weeks ago, my younger daughter graduated medical school. I know saying that gives an indication of my age, but I couldn’t care less. This medical school thing has been an interesting journey. We’ve watched her start out in college as an ER scribe, following the docs around and writing their notes as they saw patients. When she finally got into medical school, we witnessed her slog through mountains of material. I mean that kid studied all the time. She often doubted her abilities and compared herself mercilessly, always coming out on the bad side. I used to point out that she was comparing herself to other students IN MEDICAL SCHOOL! They were all pretty damned smart.

This has been a learning experience for me in many ways. I had no idea what our doctors go through to get where they consider themselves God.

It was truly amazing.

As she completed the medical school process, we’ve on occasion referred to her as a docter, but she always corrected us. It was so funny, then when only a few days before graduation, her dad called her by a childhood nickname and she–with a straight face–corrected him.

Finally, she’s ready to be called Dr. Snuggims.

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