Wild Woman Giveaway!

Roger When I first met my DH, he was a hottie who rode a motorcycle. Who wouldn’t want to date the guy sunning on his bike? I loved riding with him. I’m big into vehicular speed and he’s very physically-adept (very kinesthetic). It helps that he’s also highly alert and doesn’t ride stupid, which is a problem for many who ride. I can’t imagine a safer motorcycle rider than my beloved. I tend to drift off in thought in little nano-seconds, but he’s constantly alert. In the duration of our marriage, we’ve owned several motorcycles and we plan to get another, just as soon as we get out the active (supportive) parenting phase.   I wrote Wild Woman with a sexy motorcycle riding guy who also owns a shop that sells them and I had a ton of fun writing about Emily’s determination to enjoy the wild side of life. To her surprise, renegade Jake kept trying to get her to stay on the straight and narrow she’d been on all her life. I’m giving away 3 print copies of Wild Woman to the first person who can tell me one of the wild things Emily did!

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