Healthy Romance? Oh, Yeah.

Hi, my name is Carol Rose and I believe in healthy romantic relationships. I write romances about functional, working relationships and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I have two careers and one is as a professional therapist who helps couples/singles with relationship issues. I’m also the author of over 25 romances and I see no conflict with these two roles. I consider myself very realistic about the struggle we humans have in connecting…and this in no way means we can’t have health romances. Admittedly, I’ve had lots of conversations with my critique group about how romance is fantasy and not real life.

This isn’t my view. I believe relationships can work and can benefit individuals immensely. The characters in my books make bad choices (as do we all) and they often come to regret these. They sometimes jump into both emotional and physical intimacies that don’t work out. As do we all. Yet, like we all can, they learn from their unhealthy choices and they find love.

True love. Love that benefits both. Love that lasts.

In my romances, both hero and heroine benefit one another. They both have stuff to learn (as do we all) and the characters help one another by presenting other valid world views. Oh, and they have a lot of fun doing it. (Must admit to being a sucker for a Beloved Husband who is both hot and makes me laugh). Characters share value systems, but often see things from opposite ends.

This often makes for conflict–also real in relationships. However, I believe in conflict resolution through partners coming to see the opposite side of whatever conflict they have. This is real life and healthy romance is possible. It can help us be better people.

My relationship with Beloved Husband has both infuriated me and helped me grow. It’s never boring at my house.