No Cool Cat Names

For a literate individual with such a love of names–my two daughters each have four names–I suck at naming cats. This is not to say I’m better at naming dogs. When I was a child, my mother’s boyfriend had a German Shepard he called Blitzen. with whom I used to play doggie hide-and-seek. I had nothing to do with that name, though.

Then when I got married I had a cat I named Puddy. Remember the ancient cartoon when the cute yellow bird used to say he thought he saw a “Puddy Tat”?

When my Beloved Husband got a dog years ago that reminded him of one from his youth (another German Shepard), we called her Thora. Not terribly inventive, but it seemed apt.

The two litter mate kitties we got my daughters when they were young were naturally named by the girls. Zoe and Zeke. When Zeke died not long ago(Zoe sadly passed much earlier), I eventually got my cat.

Actually, I got two cats.

I’d waited to get my own cat while my getting-educated doctor daughters’ kitties came and went from our house. When they both settled into permanent abodes, their cats went to live with them and our home was cat-less. It was finally my turn.

My Beloved Spouse surprised me with an outing before Valentine’s Day to get a kitty. We had discussed and were only getting one, but while I was checking out(filling out pet adoption forms!), my Beloved Husband was enticed by another kitty and we came home with two. I was thrilled. I love kitties.

The almost one year-old male bonus cat I quickly named Bo. For Bonus. It was the younger, 7 month-old girl kitty that got me stumped. At first, I thought of naming them Nick and Nora, only they weren’t elegant enough. (Truly. They’re running wild in my office now as I write this. Crazy and not always graceful.)

We went through a number of options for girl kitty and finally settled–not completely happily on Lulu. Because this kitty is a lunatic. She’s wild and skittish and very introverted. My daughters–who are at the house regularly–have doubted her existence. I’ve taken photos of her cuddled next to me to show them she actually does exist. Lulu always hides whenever anyone she doesn’t know well comes over. She’s just now skittering by when they are here.

Bo and Lulu. Not terribly clever. I mean some folks name their cats Sir Prissy Cottonbottom and things like that. Ajax and Bogie.

My Beloved Husband sometime calls Bo “bobo”. Like the bop clown for kids?

I suck at cool cat names…. Lulu deserves better and I’m so ashamed.