Weirdos Unite!!

You know that television commercial now playing in which an actress says that part of her problem is when anyone looks at her she looks like anyone else? This is like me. I don’t have horns or a tail and certainly don’t have a halo, but…I’ve come to accept that I’m not like most people.

I realize that strangely enough most of us don’t feel like “most people” and while that in itself is weird, it’s also pretty true. Admittedly there are those of us who are odder than most and I fall into this bracket. By one measure, I fall into a one percent group. One Frickin’ per cent.


While this is a reality–I do see things from angles that don’t occur to most–we all still have a lot in common. We all still bleed. We feel loved. We feel lonely. We ache for connection and sometimes find connection to others to be burdensome.

It should be acknowledged that we all feel weird sometimes.

A lot of quotes say we each need to find our tribe–the people with whom we feel understood and appreciated. I need to just acknowledge that in my case this may be a weird bunch. My appreciative tribe involves an essentially-regular spouse (bless him) and a couple of appreciative daughters. They aren’t typical themselves, however.

I think we need to translate “weird” into “unique” or something like that. Out of curiosity, I Googled weird and came up with these synonyms–uncanny, eerie, unnatural, supernatural, unearthly, otherworldly, ghostly, mysterious, strange & unusual.

This sounds more paranormal than I’ve thought of myself, but I completely agree with the last two. I think I’ve seemed strange and unusual to most. I’ve gotten sadly accustomed to not being understood when I speak without careful consideration.

Believe me, I’ve learned to be carefully considerate of what I say most of the time Let me just clarify–Not fitting in isn’t something of which I’m proud. It just seems to be. I don’t really like being so irregular. At the same time, I feel odd when I occasionally agree with most. It’s a strange mix.

I’ve come to realize, though, that most of us feel misunderstood and weird in various situations and with various people. It seems to be part of being human.

We are all unique within ourselves, even if we look (like the tv ad says) perfectly normal.